Restaurants Open on Christmas Day 2010 including IHOP and Denny's


Every Christmas day is filled with the traditional: opening gifts, a homemade breakfast, and a movie. And then we are tired, yes tired but there is still a meal to make. However, there is a movement towards eating out on Christmas and since this trend is on the rise, I wanted to share a list of restaurants open on Christmas Day….

Ihop: Calling all pancake lovers to the Fresh & Fruity

Waffle House: For those craving Christmas Waffles? feel free to gift yourself but easy on the syrup.

Denny’s: always a tried and true with the family.

Chinese Restaurants: Craving a spring roll? then today is your day!

Also, if you have a Chili’s, TGI Friday’s or Golden Corral, many of those restaurants are also open but call ahead to confirm.

You can also check your local paper to find restaurants that may be serving a special Christmas Dinner.