Root Beer Floats: The Ultimate Treat!


It happens to be a proven fact that buying root beer leads directly to root beer floats. It all started with these amazing root beer-braised ribs. Next, we made root beer baked beans. And by then, the seed had been planted. We needed to make root beer floats.

You don’t need a recipe for the classic root beer float. Just scoop some ice cream into a tall glass and add root beer. Everyone has their preferred ratio–I like mine with plenty of ice cream, though some like a bit more root beer. No matter how you like it, root beer floats are a fun and totally refreshing summer treat. Add festive straws and they’re just right for parties, or anytime really.

Classic Root Beer Floats
serves 4

1 pint vanilla ice cream
3 bottles root beer

Set out 4 tall parfait glasses. Place a scoop or two of ice cream in each glass. Slowly add a bit of root beer to each, allow the foam to settle, stir, and then add enough to fill the glass. Serve immediately with long spoons and straws.

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