Ruby Red Grapefruit Sherbet: Creamy, Bright, and Delicious!


Ruby Red grapefruit sherbetThere are many who think that chilled treats have no place in winter cuisine. But I happen to love ice cream, sherbet and sorbet year-round. And making this recipe in the winter has a distinct advantage–you get to use peak season grapefruits. That’s right, while most of the country is freezing, the citrus crop is at its peak.

This Ruby Red grapefruit sherbet uses fresh squeezed juice and zest, and the flavor is bright and intense. Homemade sherbet is nothing like its off-tasting store-bought counterpart. Our sherbet is pliant, smooth, and has fantastic fresh grapefruit flavor. Not a fan of grapefruit? Switch it out for orange, lemon, Meyer lemon, or lime. Any way you make it, this sherbet will have everyone begging for seconds.

Head over to Brooklyn Supper for the recipe.

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