Safely Indulging your Pregnancy Food Cravings


Like many of you I had some strong cravings while I was pregnant but unlike many, mine were for savory foods not sweet. With my first child, I craved strong flavors and fresh breads.  I recall one day roasting an entire head of garlic and eating it with a half a loaf of french bread.

With my son, I wanted lots of fresh fruit and protein. Luckily, all of those foods are safe to eat when pregnant but some aren’t as safe…

Doctors advise certain seafood (tuna, raw fish etc.) should be avoided and to eat less nitrate/nitrite containing deli meats. You should also avoid unpasteurized cheeses, and canned vegetables. Some of my favorite proteins to eat were Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, Shrimp and Turkey Cutlets. I also craved (and still do) cheeses and most in the US are pasteurized.

Does this leave you wondering what you can eat or make you worry so much that you feel you can not indulge in your cravings? Luckily, there are two articles that can help educate you and provide some recipe ideas.  One of them provides detailed information about how to safely eat your favorite off-limit pregnancy foods and the other provides some great tips and recipes on the healthier food options.

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