Salmonella Outbreak: Cargill Recalls 36 Million Pounds of Ground Turkey


Following news of the CDC investigation into the Salmonella Heidelberg outbreak that started back in March and had 78 reported illnesses across 26 states, Cargill voluntarily recalled 36 million pounds of ground turkey on Wednesday, August 3rd.

The meat company released a statement saying they had suspended ground turkey production at the Springdale, Arkansas plant until they could determine the source and take corrective actions, as well as recalled the ground turkey produced at the plant between February 20, 2011 and August 2, 2011.

The USDA stated that packages involved in the recall would have “Est. P-963″ on the label. For the complete recall list including pictures of the packaging, download the see the Cargill 8/3/2011 product recall list (PDF).

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