Salt and Pepper Gingerbread Cookies


These understated and delicious salt and pepper gingerbread cookies combine some of my favorite things about sweets. You see, I love a sweet that has pop — the tang of zest, a pop of fresh ginger, or the surprising kick of heat. I also love a sweet that teams up with savory favorites like salt or bacon. So these cookies, with salt and pepper, are right up my ally. But they’re not too over-the-top, so the kids love ’em too. In fact, my oldest daughter and I had an afternoon of fun cutting out the shapes and baking them up.

If you’d like to skip the salt and pepper, this is also a great recipe for rich, cakey gingerbread. Bake as directed and mix a simple glaze of 3/4 cup powdered sugar and 2 tablespoons water. Brush on cooled cookies and decorate away!

The recipe is simple, and the dough’s a breeze to handle. Get our easy recipe for salt and pepper gingerbread cookies over on Brooklyn Supper.

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