School Closings in New York: 5 Fun Snowman Recipes for Everyone!


Snowman cupcakesHere are some great snowman kitchen activities for the kids in New York and the Northeast who are home from school today. All are easy, fun, safe and totally delicious. Snow days may seem tough for parents at first, but take this time to get in the kitchen with your kids. You’ll love spending the time with them, and they’ll be so excited to be making snowman foods they can actually eat. It is also a great day for snow cream, so take a big bowl outside with you and fill it with snow to make your very own ice cream! Happy Snow Day!

5 Great Snowman Recipes:

1) Snowman Shooters

2) Snowman Marshmallow Pops

3) Snowballs Cake Pops

4) Snowman Cupcakes

5) Don’t forget the Lemon, Strawberry, Chocolate and Eggnog Snow Cream!!

Photo Credit: Babble