Shamrock Shake Shooters for Your Little Leprechauns!


Shamrock Shake ShootersI simply couldn’t help myself! After I posted about my McDonald’s Shamrock Shake recipe last week my daughter wanted to give it a try. But serve her a huge tall glass of milkshake? No way! She would be up all night! Instead I whipped up these little shooters, or mini milkshakes, for her. They were just the right size for her. I also found that they were perfect for myself. I don’t need to be slurping gigantic milkshakes (as much as I would like to) each and every day. To give these some fun flair I jazzed them up with some whipped cream and shamrock sprinkles!

Shamrock Shake Shooters!

1 batch Shamrock Shake

Whipped Cream



1. Pour shakes into shot glasses and garnish each one with whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry!