Should Hot Dogs Be Illegal?


I noticed an article the other day on the NY Times website that instantly got my attention: pediatricians are are urging the FDA to enforce warning labels on foods that are known choking hazards, including hot dogs, grapes, popcorn, even baby carrots.
Not only that, the pediatricians are also suggesting that some of these foods be redesigned to make them less easy to clog up narrow airways, even going so far as creating a hot dog that will disintegrate in the mouth (as if hot dogs aren’t engineered enough).
So—good idea? Terrible idea?
The Family Kitchen bloggers all thought this was something we wanted to discuss with all of you:
-do you feed your kids one the above items from the Axis of Evil Finger Foods?
-If you do, how do you serve them? Do you cut them up?
-Do you think they should come with a choking label?
-Do you think they should be redesigned?

Speaking for myself, I might not be so dilligent about the cutting up, but I do try and enforce a policy of:
no-talking while-eating, no-running or walking while eating, lots of chewing, take small bites, and don’t overstuff your mouth.
But after reading this article I’ve gotten a little more paranoid…should I be slicing and dicing this stuff?

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