Simple Storage Solutions: Hefty Slider Bags


Have you noticed how BIG onions are in the market these days?  Inevitably when I’m making a recipe that calls for chopped, minced or sliced onion I very rarely need the whole onion. More often than not it’s 1/4 or 1/2 of an onion. Which leaves me with onion to spare. Because I hate to waste anything I save the remainder of the onion. Instead of putting it into a large plastic container I use Hefty Slider Bags. They take up less storage space in the fridge and they keep the smell out!
Have you ever had someone place a poorly wrapped onion in the fridge? Then you know how bad that smells. Your entire fridge smells of onions and if something else wasn’t properly wrapped it’s going to taste like onion too. No bueno. Grab a Hefty Slider Bag instead. It’s a good thing.

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