Simply Delicious: Tomato Tart Recipe


Simply Delicious: Tomato Tart Recipe
Though I’m partial to cooler days and mosquito-free nights, I spend a good part of those chilly evenings dreaming of tomatoes. Not the mealy, pale things you find at the grocery in winter, but the vine-ripened, deep red beauties that dot gardens and markets come July. So last week, when I had my first big haul of sun-soaked heirloom tomatoes, I wanted to mark the moment with a special recipe.

Enter this easy tomato tart with simply salted tomatoes, fresh summer herbs, and briny slices of chevre sitting atop a buttery homemade crust. A short list of ingredients and a stint in the oven is all you need for a wonderfully fragrant and savory tomato-infused summer entree.

Head over to Brooklyn Supper for our easy tomato tart recipe with herbs and chevre.

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