Simply Fun COOL WHIP Ice Cream Cookie Sundaes


Cookie Sundae

When we were in South Carolina last week my Dad introduced my daughter to the ice cream sundae. Sure, she has had ice cream before, but when caught wind of his turtle ice cream sundae she couldn’t get enough. I swear, her eyes nearly popped out of her head! Of course, I am not about to make gigantic ice cream sundaes for her on a regular basis, but I am not opposed to dressing up her regular after dinner treats now and then.

For this cool “sundae” we decided to top a peanut butter cookie with a scoop of her favorite vanilla ice cream. To give it that extra special touch I dolloped a soft cloud of COOL WHIP Whipped Topping on top and added a few sprinkles. It was so fun and easy to make and, as you might guess, she devoured it. I found that making it in miniature was absolutely perfect for her. It was one simple scoop of ice cream and that COOL WHIP really gave it the festive, fun touch. After all, as you know what you add makes it!


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