Chocolate Gourmet: Brownies That Are Baked To Perfection! (And Taste Like It)



Chocolate Gourmet sent us over some of their goodies to try out. We were so excited to dig into the box of Squares, “Damn Good” Cookies, and “Ugly” Truffles!

Here are 2 reviews of our new favorite snacks:

Cuadrado Brownies: Like your brownies moist and chocolately? (We mean, who doesn’t?) Then this brownie is for you. It melts in your mouth and gives you the perfect dose of flavor you need for a mid-day or late-night snack, without overloading your taste buds.

Fair & Square Brownies: The overall flavor of this blondie was a scrumptious blend of pecans and brown sugar, with an added hint of vanilla that gave it the perfect amount of sweetness. The outside was slightly crisp but the inside remained soft and rich, like any good brownie should be!

Now that you’ve read this post, we suggest running out and grabbing some for yourself!

To snag a sugary treat, including the whole variety of  delicious cookies and ultra-delectable truffles, visit Chocolate Gourmet!

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