Sip & See: Real Housewives of Atlanta Chat Up this Hot New Trend for Baby Showers


Leave it to the Real Housewives of Atlanta to introduce the world to two things that should never go together: babies and booze.  Tonight’s episode caught Phaedra chatting about one of the hottest new trends for parties…the “Sip & See” Baby Shower.

Essentially, a “Sip & See” is a casual baby shower thrown after a baby is born, where family members and friends are invited to come over, see the cute new bundle of joy and enjoy light drinks and refreshments.

Looking for great food & beverage ideas for your own Sparkling Sip & See Baby shower? Check out The Hostess with the Mostess and her clever take on this hot new party trend.

For more details about Sip & See Showers, as mentioned on tonights episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, check out BuddyTV.

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