Slow Cooker Island Barbecue Chicken



The kids in our area went back to school today. I know…it’s still summer! But in Florida, where I live, our schools usually close down in May and start back up again mid-August. It’s always been hard to get used to, just doesn’t seem right to be in school before Labor Day.

With school back in session, or soon to be back in session, we tend to find ourselves busy in a different way. It’s always an adjustment to be back on a schedule, doing homework in the evenings, getting to bed early. The slow cooker can come in handy during times like this right?

This Island Barbecue Chicken recipe has always been a family favorite.


I like to serve these sandwiches up with a simple slaw or salad. Leftovers freeze well and can be used in quesadillas or pizza. Enjoy!

You can find the recipe for Slow Cooker Island Barbecue Chicken and a simple Spicy Slaw Salad on Aggie’s Kitchen.

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