Smoothie Color Play for Spring

smoothie color play
smoothie color play

If the color-infused holiday activity of dying Easter eggs is a favorite in your household – give this fruity alternative a whirl. Have some delicious color play with smoothies! Colors and flavors are fun to taste and swirl into building your very own spring colors smoothie. This is a fun, interactive, use-all-your-senses kitchen activity for creative kids. They will enjoy this edible art project since they can actually taste their creations. Find out how to have some smoothie color play – and check out how to build your very own 3-tiered “Easter/Spring Smoothie” in colors of pink, gold and green..

No artificial colors here. This flavorful, fruity, smoothie color play is done using your child’s favorite fruits and even a few veggies.

This activity makes a fun year-round activity – but is especially timely around Easter time when everyone is playing with colors by dying eggs.

Egg-Dying Alternative. Maybe you don’t eat eggs, or maybe someone in your family is allergic – or maybe you just want to try a healthier version of spring “color play.” Then this smoothie activity is for you!

How to do it:
Blend up 3+ different colored smoothies. Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach, Mango, Banana, Sweet Green and more. Kids can experiment mixing flavors – tasting their favorite fruits and veggies as their parents do the blending and even trying to build their very own 3-tiered spring colors smoothie shown here.

Easter Smoothie
Easter Smoothie

Flavors shown in the smoothie above: sweet apple green, strawberry beet, mango-banana-peach. All vegan. Tip: Blend the smoothies and place in the freezer for ten minutes before building tiered smoothie so the layers stay a bit stiff and easier to stack. Also: a big tip is to layer the smoothies by thickness – heaviest blend on the bottom and build up from there – lightest on top.

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color play smoothies
color play smoothies

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