S'mores Hot Fudge Sundae


S'mores Hot Fudge Sundae

I thought my quest to create wonderful ice cream toppings was complete, but I found that jar of marshmallow creme calling my name and it wasn’t for more peanut butter sauce, either. It was actually screaming at me to turn the fluffy white stuff into a s’mores ice cream topping. I listened and obeyed and the result was a masterpiece in dessert deliciousness: the S’mores Hot Fudge Sundae. I ate the entire bowl (and I texted my sister that I ate the entire bowl). Then I went back and kept dipping a graham cracker into the marshmallow fudge goodness. I finally had to call my husband for an intervention. He begged me to save some for him, so I put the rest away, but now it’s calling me from the fridge. You better hurry home, hubs!

S’mores Hot Fudge Sundae

1/3 cup evaporated milk

3 oz semi-sweet baking chocolate

1/3 cup marshmallow creme

graham crackers

vanilla ice cream

In a small sauce pan, melt the chocolate with the milk over low heat; do not boil. One the mixture is melted and smooth. remove from heat and allow to cool to just warmer than room temperature. Smash 3 graham crackers into crumbs and set aside. Add the marshmallow creme to the cooled fudge and stir to create a swirled effect. Place a graham cracker square at the bottom of your bowl and cover with a scoop of ice cream. Pour the hot fudge marshmallow sauce over it, top with graham cracker crumbs, and place a couple of graham cracker pieces to dip on the side.

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