Snow Cream: 7 Splendid Ways to Mix it Up!


If you dreamed a white Christmas into existence, then it’s time you enjoy a bit of that snow! You can ski on it, you can sled down it, but did you also know you many families make an easy ice cream–or snow cream–from it?! Here are 7 fun recipes, flavors, and tutorials that will have you snow-cream making in no time at all!

  • Snow Cream 1 of 7
    Snow Cream
    Perfectly simple snow cream with sprinkles!
    Click for the recipe from One Hungry Mama.
  • Orange Creamscicle Snow Cream 2 of 7
    Orange Creamscicle Snow Cream
    Orange Creamscicle Snowcream is snow easy to make!
    Get the recipe for Orange Creamscicle Snow Cream.
  • Eggnog Snow Cream 3 of 7
    Eggnog Snow Cream
    A little bit of eggnog takes place of the cream in this recipe for a truly delicious twist!
    Get the recipe for Eggnong Snow Cream.
  • Organic Snow Cream 4 of 7
    Organic Snow Cream
    Snow cream goes organic with this easy recipe!
    Click for the recipe from Ellwood Thompsons.
  • Pretty in Pink Snow Cream 5 of 7
    Pretty in Pink Snow Cream
    Pretty in pink snow cream is a snap to whip up this winter!
    Click for the recipe from Back to Her Roots.
  • Hot Chocolate Snow Cream 6 of 7
    Hot Chocolate Snow Cream
    Hot Chocolate gets cooler than ever with this simple snow cream recipe!
    Get for the recipe for Hot Chocolate Snow Cream.
  • Maple Snow Taffy 7 of 7
    Maple Snow Taffy
    Leave it to the Canadians to come up with something as insanely perfect as Maple Snow Taffy!
    Click for the recipe from The Kitchn.

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