Snow Cream Recipe: Chocolate, Strawberry and Lemon Snow Cream Ice Cream Recipes


Tomorrow, we will be waking up to over a foot of snow and after the fun we have had making snow cream and eggnog snow cream today, I know there will be more snow cream recipe creating.  Therefore, I have been looking around to find some other ideas and have realized that the possibilities are endless…

Paula Deen used Sweetened Condensed Milk in her recipe for Snow Cream

If you are craving Strawberry Snow Cream, LiveStrong has a recipe for you.

If you are looking for a taste of spring, try this Lemon Snow Cream.

I would think that you can easily make a chocolate cocoa snow cream by using instant cocoa or even using chocolate milk in place of the half-n-half.  I bet you can even make a banana snow cream by pureeing a banana into the half-n-half mixture.

Let me know what other flavors you have added to your snow cream recipe.