Snowman Pushup Donut Pops


SnowmanLet’s just talk straight here, shall we. As much as we love all the homemade, carefully hand-crafted Christmas treats that grace the pages of magazines, and sit upon the counter tops of professional bakeries, you and me–we’re parents. We’re working, running, cleaning, shopping, and generally trying to keep order over this hectic season. We need more ideas for simple, splendid treats that wow neighbors and school children, without stealing even two minutes from our schedules. We need quick. We need easy. We need these so-cute Snowman Push-Up pops that take less than two minutes to pull together, are totally tote friendly, and cool enough steal the hearts of even your most Scroogified holiday crowd. Hurrah!

All you need for this easy edible craft is 12 plastic push-up pop tubes (check Etsy for them), 36 donut holes, 12 mini carrot pieces, a handful of mini chocolate chips, and a smidgen of Nutella.

To assemble your little Snowmen, just slice one of the donut holes in half. This goes on the bottom of the plastic push-up pop tube. Use Nutella to glue a few chocolate chip “buttons” to the front of one of the donut holes, then add this on top of the other donut hole in the push-up pop tube. Then, gently press a carrot piece into a third donut hole for the nose, Nutella-glue two chocolate chips on for eyes, pop that snowman head into place, gently place the cap on your push-up pop container and you’re done!

Happy, Unharried Holidays!