Spring Rainbow Salad


Spring has sprung. Which means showers and rainbows and purple, yellow, orange and red flowers in full bloom.  And since rainbows are all the rage these days and with all this rain (here in Los Angeles, anyway) what better way to celebrate these vibrant colors than in a healthy spring salad and what better way to get my kids excited about eating a salad!

Rainbow Salad Recipe

1 bag of romaine lettuce

1 bag of baby romaine (purple and dark green leaves)

1 pint grape tomatoes

1 carrot, grated

1 yellow pepper sliced

Pour the bag of romaine into the salad bowl. Arrange the tomatoes in an arc across the top, followed by carrots, yellow pepper, dark green baby romaine and finally the purple baby romaine. Viola, rainbow salad you kid will actually want to eat.

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