Starbucks Introduces New Starbucks Cards eGift


Starbucks changed the meaning of the Starbucks Card today, giving you the option of eGifting that gift card. No mailing. No shipping. No problem.

I’m bad at gift giving. There. I said it. My heart is in the right place. I want to send thank-you cards, thoughtful trinkets and notes to show how I care for my friends, especially those that live far away, but instead, I am often consumed by four kids, crazy schedules and work. Things fall through the cracks.

It’s not as though it’s the thank-you cards, the impromptu presents, the birthday messages or the just-because notes go first. No, first goes sleep. After sleep I tend to give up things I do for myself, like long showers, taking the time to put lotion on my face or read. The house cleaning follows followed by yet more sleep. Then it’s the cards, the dinners with friends, my sanity. I may have lost my sanity long ago, true.

However, now when I forget until the very last minute that it’s my dear friend’s birthday, her anniversary or she just simply needs to know I care, well, I’ll just send her a Pumpkin Spice Latte virtually. Problem solved. Crisis averted. Sanity saved (at least a small part of it).

Sure, handwritten notes are better, but until this manuscript hits my editor’s desk and my 3-year-old stops regressing in his potty training, Starbucks Cards eGifts are where it’s at.


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