Storing Whipped Cream with Hefty


Whipped Cream

What do you do when you make too much whipped cream? My answer: store it in a Hefty bag! The other day I made way too much whipped cream to go on top of my ice cream pie. So I simply scooped it into a Hefty bag to save for later. This was the perfect thing to do because the next day I needed whipped cream for a separate project so I simply snipped off the corner of the bag and piped the whipped cream onto my next treat.

Tips for storing whipped cream:

1) Mold the bag around the cream but try not to press down too much. Otherwise the cream will deflate totally.

2) Store the whipped cream in the fridge at all times.

3) To pipe whipped cream simply snip off the corners of the bag and use it as the pastry tip.

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