Strawberry Syrup In A Hefty Slider Bag


Just in case the easy no-cook strawberry syrup wasn’t easy enough for you, I’ve gone and made it almost clean-up free too. All I had to do was use a Hefty slider bag to make life that much easier and with an already over-flowing fridge I was able to find a spot that would have never fit a bulky, hard container. It’s easy to take on the go too so we can eat fresh strawberry syrup on shortcakes at a picnic or pancakes while we are camping. Keep reading for the super quick how-to.

Super Easy Strawberry Syrup

Just get a large Hefty Slider bag and toss your strawberries and sugar in, following this recipe. Give it a shake, place in the fridge for 30 minutes and serve. It’s ok if some of the berries get squished, it will make the syrup that much juicier. Now pour it over whatever your heart desires, ice cream, oatmeal, fresh whipped cream, shortcake, pancakes, french toast, the possibilities are endless. When it’s gone all you have to do is toss the bag (or turn it inside out and lick it clean).

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