Strawberry Water for Post-Workout Hydration


Berry Water

I find the my post-workout hydration routine lasts far longer than just the ten minutes after I’ve stepped off the treadmill. I end up drinking water heavily all morning post-gym visit. My answer to this has been always carrying a waterbottle, but now I carry a big waterbottle and refill a smaller one. I also drop a few strawberries into the water and let the sweet berry flavor infuse the water.

I got this idea from the time I had water with berry ice cubes and they thawed into the water. I couldn’t get enough of the berry flavor. I didn’t add any additional syrup, just straight fresh berries. So now I keep the strawberries in the big water bottle and just let the berry water, not the berries, pour into the smaller one. Once I’ve re-hydrated properly I feel much better and am ready to tackle the rest of the the day!


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