Summer's Easiest Dessert: Simple Dark Cherry Granita


cherry granita

The other day I wanted to make a sweet icy dessert for my daughter with the rest of the cherry juice I had from Payson Growers. Since she loves to get homemade ices at the farmer’s market on the weekend I thought it would be fun to make an easy cherry granita. They are light, refreshing and incredibly easy to make. In fact, I’ve been making lots of granitas this summer and it really is almost a formula. It is very similar to pouring the juice you would make for a popsicle into a shallow baking dish and scraping it up once it has been frozen. Of course, for my espresso version I served it with a dollop of whipped cream, but for my daughter I just served it with a spoon!

Simple Dark Cherry Granita

1 cup dark cherry juice concentrate

2 cups water

Stir the cherry juice and water together and pour it into a shallow baking dish. Cover it with plastic wrap and freeze until completely solid. Remove it from the freezer and scrape up the juice with the tines of a fork, scoop into a dish and serve!