Summertime Sliders! Grilled Chicken Tortas


It’s the weekend. Eat something FUN.

Sure, cheeseburgers are a lot of fun… just predictable. Corn Dogs are one of my favorites, but deep frying in the summertime can be a drag. Tacos are always a crowd-pleaser, so why not make TORTAS?

A torta is a Mexican Sandwich, kinda like a cross between a taco and a burger.

Whether you make them full-sized or slider-style, grilled chicken, refried beans, cotija cheese, red onion and guacamole stuffed inside a soft, toasted telera will have mouths watering this weekend.

Watch the TORTA SLIDERS video and tell me, what will you be eating this hot, summer weekend?

Grilled Chicken Torta via

Get the complete Grilled Chicken Torta Recipe. Get the Guacamole Recipe.

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