Super Bowl Scores by Quarter: Celebrate Packer Victory with Cake!


The Super Bowl Scores by Quarter are very important to the Super Bowl Game where you bet on the score by the quarter. It’s called the Super Bowl Squares pool. It’s an easy game, everyone picks a square on a chart and throws in a few dollars. The score at the end of the quarter, to be more exact – the last digit of this number – is the square that wins a portion of the pot. The packers lead in most of the game last night, so let’s celebrate their victory with cake!

This beautiful packers cake was created by Stace of Stuff by Stace. Stace’s husband was so happy with this beautiful cake, he said she was “the best wife in the world!” You can read more about this cake here. Stace is a very talented baker. You can find more of her cake creations and recipes on her blog, Stuff by Stace.

First Quarter – Packers 14 – Steelers 0

Half time – Packers 21 – Steelers 10

Third Quarter – Packers 21 – Steelers 17

Final – Packers 31 – Steelers 25

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