{Sweet Treat} Mint Chip Ice Cream Bon Bons


Mint Chocolate Bonbons 2Photo Credit: Jaclyn, food + words

This bowl of bonbons just screams “Eat Me” doesn’t it? That’s what I thought when I saw it.

I don’t know about you but this summer heat is getting to me. I’m finding myself craving something cold all the time…cold smoothies, cold fruit…and cold ice cream. Yes, to have these waiting for me in my freezer to snack on after a busy, hot day would be a glorious thing…calling it a treat would be an understatement.

Jaclyn of food + words shares her recipe for mint chip ice cream and patiently walks you through how to assemble these delectable sweet treats. If you don’t have time to make your own ice cream, no worries, feel free to use store-bought. After a little assembly and freezing time, you will soon find yourself sprawled on the couch enjoying your very own homemade bon bons. Enjoy.

Head over to Jaclyn’s blog to learn how to make Mint Chip Ice Cream Bon Bons.

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