Sweetheart Milk Shooters for Kids



Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you still wondering what to make kids this morning for a festive breakfast treat? Here’s my idea: milk shooters. We love making these delicious treats for kids in the morning because the main ingredient is milk! Genius! I make it red colored by adding some homemade strawberry syrup, but you can use food paste, or strawberry milk mix if you’d prefer. It is really up to you! You could even whiz some strawberry ice cream with lots of milk to make it like a mini-milkshake and serve it for snack.

Sweetheart Milk Shooters for Kids

1 cup 1 % milk
2 tablespoons strawberry syrup or two drops red food paste
2 tablespoons white chocolate spread or nutella
Valentine’s Day sprinkles

1. Mix together the milk and strawberry syrup or red food paste until the milk is tinged a very light pink. Set side.
2. Twirl the rim of each shot glass in the chocolate spread until it is evenly coated. Then dip it in the Valentine’s Day sprinkles until the rims are completely coated.
3. Pour the milk into each glass and serve with love!

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