Take Advantage of Tomato Season with this Simple Tabbouleh Recipe


No matter where you live in the country, it is officially tomato time. This is one of the highlights of the culinary year for us and we like to stock up and use tomatoes every way we can before the juicy, tasty tomatoes of summer are gone. One of our favorite tomato dishes is tabbouleh, a quick and easy Middle Eastern dish that combines bulgur wheat, tomatoes, herbs, and a few other ingredients.

One of the greatest things about tabbouleh is that apart from the bulgur wheat, none of the other ingredients need to be cooked. This not only makes it simple to prepare, it also helps keep your kitchen cool. Often we’ll prepare it as soon as the bulgur is ready, but traditionally, it’s served cold, making it perfect for those summer days when you just can’t bear to eat  a hot dish.

Head over to Brooklyn Supper for our recipe.

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