Take Your Pick, Gourmet or Quick: Chicken Croissants


I love a recipe that has both “gourmet” and “quick” directions, depending on the day and my needs. Sometimes I want dinner to be a little fancier, whether it’s Sunday night or we’re having guests over. But most of the time as a busy mom I need to be able to pound out a dinner recipe as quickly as possible!

chicken croissants

Chicken croissants is one of my favorite recipes that gives me both a quick and a gourmet option. Chicken croissants are made with a cream cheese-chicken filling wrapped in flaky goodness. They are delicious and a favorite in our family. The flaky goodness is where you can either step up the gourmet factor or take it down a notch.

  • Gourmet: phyllo dough. I love making chicken croissants with phyllo dough. You end up with a flaky, buttery crust surrounding your creamy filling. Phyllo is a bit finicky to work with and the preparation is much more involved, so I only use phyllo on a night when I know I have a little time and am not feeling too stressed. The effort is worth it, though. The phyllo tastes amazing and the resulting chicken croissants are beautiful to behold!
  • Quick: crescent rolls. If it’s a night when I just can’t tackle the phyllo, I grab a couple tubes of crescent rolls from the fridge and have the chicken croissants ready in a snap!

Click here for the full recipe!

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