Thanksgiving Activities for Kids including Cookies and Decorating


While you are busy cooking, you need to keep the kids busy with some Thanksgiving Activities so that you can focus on the Thanksgiving Dinner.

Here are a few Thanksgiving Activities for Kids including Thanksgiving themed word search and worksheets. What would you add?

*Play books-on-tape or have someone read to them the story of Thanksgiving.

*Consider letting them be in charge of the decorations: at least the ones you do not care to much about. Plus, consider letting them draw the place cards and arrange some decorations on the table.

* Help them feel special by giving them a list of jobs.

*And last but not least, let them help with some food preparation. Even if it is only adding butter to the potatoes and mixing, they will feel happy and helpful.

* Let them decorate some cookies, such as these cute Turkey cookies. Have an older cousin help them and keep them out of the way.

*Print some Thanksgiving themed worksheets, word search and puzzles

Good Luck!

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