The 10 Coolest Valentine's Day Cake Pops


Bear Cake Pops

Like any good holiday, Valentine’s Day has several amazing cake pops that go with it. Sure, there is the essential pink cake pop, but why not the red heart cake pop, or the devil’s food? Look no further because here is the one stop idea gallery for awesome Valentine’s Day cake pop decorating ideas. These are the pops you’ll love to make and your sweet ones will adore gobbling up. Let us know which one is your favorite!

  • Bakerella’s Cheesecake Pops 1 of 10
    Bakerella's Cheesecake Pops
    Oooh, cheesecake takes these cake pops to a whole new level. Rolled in Valentine's Day sprinkles, they are total cuteness!
    For more great cake pops, check out Bakerella's Valentine's Day cake pop ideas
  • Bakerella’s Valentine’s Macaroon Pops 2 of 10
    Bakerella's Valentine's Macaroon Pops
    Okay, so not quite cake pops, but totally adorable and so much fun. I think these are easily the best alternative to cake pops out there.
    For more great cake pops, check out Bakerella's Valentine's cake pop ideas
  • Food Family Find’s Conversation Heart Cake Pops 3 of 10
    Food Family Find's Conversation Heart Cake Pops
    Aren't these the cutest cake pops? They would be such great conversation starters on Valentine's Day.
    For more great cake pops, check out Food Family Find's terrific Valentine's ideas
  • Bakerella’s Valentine’s Day Cake Pops 4 of 10
    Bakerella's Valentine's Day Cake Pops
    These bears are so sweet and would be great for both the kids and adults this season.
    For more great cake pops, check out Bakerella's cake pop ideas
  • Bee in our Bonnet’s Upside-down Cake Pops 5 of 10
    Bee in our Bonnet's Upside-down Cake Pops
    The next best thing to a cake pop is an upside-down one! These gorgeous trays are beautiful gifts for friends and family on Valentine's Day.
    For more great cake pops, check out Bee in our Bonnet's cake pop ideas
  • Brownie Ball Pops 6 of 10
    Brownie Ball Pops
    Brownies make great pops too! Try these rich, chocolatey pops for your Valentine's treat!
    Make brownie ball pops
  • Devil’s Food Cake Pops 7 of 10
    Devil's Food Cake Pops
    Who wouldn't love some decadent devil's food cake pops for their little devils?
    Make devil's food cake pops
  • Elana’s Gluten-free White Chocolate Cake Pops 8 of 10
    Elana's Gluten-free White Chocolate Cake Pops
    These adorable cake pops are gluten-free and so delicious, everyone will want one!
    For more great gluten-free recipes, check out Elana's Pantry gluten-free recipes
  • Cake Ball Addiction’s Valentine’s Flower Pops 9 of 10
    Cake Ball Addiction's Valentine's Flower Pops
    These cute cake balls are amazingly cute decorated with the Valentine's candy corn!
    For more great cake pops, check out Cakeball Addictions cake ball ideas
  • Jaden’s Red Velvet Cheesecake Pops 10 of 10
    Jaden's Red Velvet Cheesecake Pops
    These gorgeous cheesecake pops are perfect for Valentine's day and will be the hit of the party.
    For more great cake pop ideas and recipes, check out Jaden's website, Steamy Kitchen ideas

Photo: Bakerella

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