The 17-Day Diet Book: How to Get Your Hands on This Years Hottest Diet


There’s a lot of buzz this year about Dr. Mike Moreno’s book, The 17-Day Diet.  The book details a 17-day program, which encourages a program of “body confusion.”  Every 17 days, you begin a new diet and exercise regime meant to keep your body from plateauing and your mind from becoming bored.  The concept of body confusion, Dr. Mike promises, makes this one diet you can stick to.  With a routine that is constantly changing, you’ll never tire of hyper-restrictive meal plans, impossible work out schedules and other typical pitfalls that tend to plague fad diets.

If this sounds like the diet for you, you’ve probably been looking for the book.  It’s difficult to come by, since the 17-Day diet book is not available in stores, and only a few Amazon sellers have picked up the trend.  The book is available in ample supply, however, from Dr. Mike Moreno’s website.

The 17 Day Diet website contains ample information to get you started on the program.  There you can learn more about the program, read before and after stories from actual 17-day dieters, find recipes and a customized diet calculator.  The website will also link you directly to the 17 Day Diet Store, where you can purchase the book, DVD and meal-planner or any combination of the three.