The Best Things for Kids to Wear in the Kitchen for Holiday Baking


Dressing Kids for the Kitchen

During the holidays we get deeply involved in all kinds of baking projects. There is no kind of Christmas cookie we won’t try or gingerbread house we won’t attempt. For me this means I practically live in my apron. As for my daughter, I have a rule that she has to wear her play clothes for all kitchen projects. Here’s why:

1) Sleeves roll up: When you get a five year old elbow deep in dough you want their sleeves to be able to roll right up their little arms!

2) Washable cotton only: Generally her play clothes are washable cotton and that is KEY when scrubbing out food paste, flour showers, and mashed in sprinkles.

3) Hot & Cold Kitchen: Sometimes our kitchen gets really warm when the oven has been on for a bit. When she is wearing her play clothes I can easily ask her to layer them to keep her warm and then she can peel off a layer when it gets too hot.

4) Apron or No Apron: We have quite a few play aprons and smocks and my daughter likes to wear them. Sometimes. When we are wearing our play clothes it is of no concern to me whether she wears the aprons or not. That is such a relief! Because if she is wearing one of her formal dresses you’d better believe I am all about making sure she is wearing an apron or two!

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