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The Butch Bakery Cookbook: Giveaway

By laurasrecipes |

When I first opened a copy of The Butch Bakery Cookbook just released by Wiley… my initial thought was “whoa.” This is definitely not your conventional cookbook about baking. If you’re looking for pretty cupcakes with little sprinkles for kids, look elsewhere. This isn’t your mother’s cupcake cookbook and it’s far from conventional or traditional. It’s loaded with recipes for grown-ups with interesting and intense adult flavors. Can you say “Mojito cupcake?” Or… how about a “Rum and Coke cupcake” …or “Root Beer Float” cupcake anyone? The timing of this book couldn’t be better. Combinations like chocolate and bacon in Tee and Cakes famous cupcakes or chiles with chocolate have been growing in popularity. What we once thought were crazy combinations are usually accepted and loved once we give them a chance. However, David takes his creations a step further.

Author David Arrick opened his masculine themed bakery “The Butch Bakery” two years ago and has enjoyed tremendous success. His style was unique, bold and far from what you would expect to find in your neighborhood bakery. When I asked David what inspired him to create such inventive recipes, he replied…

“My inspiration for the recipes were Beer, Bourbon and Baseball.   Love all of ‘em.  I was literally enjoying a bourbon on the rocks, watching the Yankees, and wanted something to snack on – something with intense, bold flavor.  I just started jotting down some ideas….beer in the buttercream, cayenne pepper in the batter, bacon with peanut butter…it just went on and on.”

The book is meant not just to share David’s infamous recipes but also to inspire the home cook to break new ground and create their own unique flavors and style. David’s “Cupcake Bootcamp,” “Butch’s Supply Closet” and “Butch’s Toolbox,” sections detail tools, tips, tricks and resources to help you create these recipes at home.

If you’re looking for something original and recipes that truly challenge your baking perspective by using inspired ingredients then this book is simply a must have. And we’ll make it a little easier to get your hands on it….

We are giving away THREE COPIES of The Butch Bakery. To enter the drawing, simply tell us the most interesting dessert you’ve ever tasted in the comment section. We will select three winners at random on Sunday, October 30th. Good luck!


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Laura Levy is the owner of the marketing and PR/media company Gourmet Media Group. She is the food writer behind the popular website Laura', and was previously a contributor to Babble's Food channel. She resides in Colorado with her family.

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117 thoughts on “The Butch Bakery Cookbook: Giveaway

  1. sue says:

    the most interesting dessert food I’ve tried and LIKED was
    Chocolate covered Bacon!! This really surprised me.

  2. Gord Denby says:

    Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Candied Bacon crumbles

  3. Helena says:

    Has to be Amish Friendship Bread. Not only is it a HUGE hit with my family, the starter takes 10 days to make, so it’s a commitment! I guess AFB could also be a breakfast bread, but it’s so sweet and gooey and decadent that we always eat it for dessert.

  4. Sandy Magar-Speed says:

    Eskimo Ice Cream, while living in Alaska. It’s a combination of dried fish and fresh berries, mashed into Crisco (because whale blubbler is too hard to come by).

  5. Lisa McClellan says:

    Looks awesome! I have made mini Irish car bomb cupcakes for many occasions and they are always well received – would love to check out (or win) this book!

  6. Jeni VB says:

    The most interesting dessert I’ve ever tasted would be my hubby’s hidden surprise cookies. He rolls a decadent chocolate cookie batter around a chocolate covered caramel and bakes them as you would any normal cookie. These are a MUST to eat warm out of the oven, as you take a bite and that gooey chocolate caramel is just right with a big glass of cold milk!

  7. Laura K. says:

    Guiness cupcakes with carmel cream frosting!

  8. Darlene D Derksen says:

    I wish I could remember what is was called! A party hostess had this layered desert in a beautiful glass on a stand, yummy stuff. It had fruit, and chocolate etc. It was heaven, at least that’s what I would call it :)

  9. Kristi Dunlap says:

    I made a strawberry cake but accidently used white cornmeal mix instead of flour. The cake was . . . . not right. It tasted delicious but it just wasn’t correct somehow. No one could stop eating it because it was so strange. Strawberry cornbread cake – I hope it’s not in this book!

  10. Cathy says:

    Roasted Sweet Green Pepper Ice Cream with Spicy Pig Candy crumbles … and it was excellent!

  11. Catrina C says:

    Candied bacon! :)

  12. Jessica Esposito says:

    Interesting and delish was the salted caramel bacon brownies I made. I would LOVE this cookbook to see what Butch has come up with Bacon and Bourbon-2 of my faves!!!

  13. Nettie Moore says:

    Chinese Moon Cake- baked pastry with mashed lotus seeds, red bean paste filling. Love all The Chinese Desserts!

  14. Geri bocchieri says:

    Omg that cook book looks fabulous…one of the most delightful desserts I have had is a creme France Napoleon with puff pastry and fresh sweetened fruit…so awesome.

  15. Salem says:

    stuffed nasturtium flowers

  16. Sabrina morley says:

    It’s a toss up between dump cake and fosh knots! Dump cake is cherries with cake mix (not mixed up, just right out of the box) and lots of butter. Fosh knots are German doughnuts made with mashed potatoes! Both are super yummy!

  17. Kristin Stragey says:

    I have made cupcakes with Guiness Beer. They were the best chocolate cupcakes ever! Very moist!

  18. Susie says:

    Many years ago I tasted some Whiskey Cookies…they were really good…wish I had the recipe!

  19. Jessica Ledford says:

    It was probably fresh corn ice cream. It really had kernals of sweet corn in it & tasted of light sweet corn and cream!

  20. lisa behsman says:

    Chocolate lava cakes, so good and pretty darn easy to make!

  21. Jennifer Coffey says:

    I used to bake alot, but it seems I have lost some interest in it. Maybe I just need something to inspire me. One of my favorite desserts is Baked Alaska. Love the ice cream surrounded by that warm meringue. I think one of the funniest desserts is the layered, jello shot dessert my co-worker makes. We are all nurses and when we get together we do like to have fun. One of the nurses makes a dessert layered with differet flavors of jello, infused with whipped creme and vodka. Great!

    1. laurasrecipes says:

      My mom used to make a kind of baked alaska on top of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving… soooo good! Just fill a pie tin full of good quality vanilla ice cream and invert it onto pie … just before adding meringue and baking. But like any kind of baked alaska you have to serve it right away and can’t enjoy leftovers!

  22. Terri Nunn says:

    Brown Stone Front Cake from my Grandmother~made from scratch, deep chocolate cake and a creamy, rich caramel, brown sugar icing. We make it for every special occasion!

  23. Traci Isherwood says:

    To this day…”The Mud Cake” with the gummi worms. Always a lot of laughs! :)

  24. Roxanne Jackson says:

    Gramcracker crumbs with whipped cream layered in a glass with fruit cocktail.

  25. tonya says:

    Sweet corn ice cream with bacon and maple syrup at the mn state fair!

  26. Jenny says:

    Chocolate Peppermint pinwheel cake. Chocolate cake cut in horizontal pieces frosted with white frosting and crushed up peppermint candies then rolled up like a pinwheel. Time consuming but I made it for Christmas and it looked and tasted AWESOME!!

    1. laurasrecipes says:

      that sounds great Jenny… I’d love a link to the recipe! – Laura

  27. Janet Morrissey says:

    The picture actually says it. Chocolate bacon cupcakes with maple frosting and crumbled bacon on top. My best friend choose it as one of 4 different birthday cupcakes we made together for my birthday

  28. Sally Wofford says:

    Banana Split Cheesecake

  29. Valerie G says:

    The most interesting dessert I have ever tried is vanilla ice cream topped with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. Wow it knocked my socks off! That’s why I love trying interesting and unique things- you never know what you’ll like!

  30. Jewel Cooke says:

    I think it would probably be donuts with coco puffs all over the top of the frosting… it was really good,,,I love different things…different taste…keeps it yummy and fun!!!

  31. Cassie says:

    Fried ice cream! But boy was it Yummy.

  32. Donna says:

    The strangest dessert I’ve ever had was pretzels Jello. Not my fave either.

  33. Whit Carmean says:

    I had flan with a chocolate covered grasshopper standing in the center of the whip cream on top. Very interesting to say the least:)

  34. Carolyn says:

    Chocolate covered pickles.

    1. laurasrecipes says:

      hmm…. now that one I’d have to try. Did you like them?

  35. Kristin says:

    The most interesting dessert I’ve ever had was dark chocolate chili pepper cupcake with vanilla chili frosting. It was good..interesting.

  36. Ashley says:

    We love maple cupcakes drizzled with chocolate and topped with crumbled bacon! Yum!

  37. Sarah says:

    Bacon ice cream rootbeer float at Brookville restaurant in Charlottesville – definitely interesting (they also have bacon chocolate chip cookies for dessert)

  38. Angela says:

    Crème Brûlée Cheesecake, yum!

  39. Donnia says:

    fruit and cream chese pizza

  40. Toni says:

    At Chicago Gourmet this year, I had a Caramel Corn Panne Cotta – the bottom layer was a vanilla bean gelee, topped with a caramely panne cotta finished with freeze dried corn and strands of chiles…omg…

    1. laurasrecipes says:

      wow! that does sound amazing!

  41. mandy says:

    Most interesting dessert was linking spiced vegan cheese cake, with a thick ameretto topping

  42. Sara P. says:

    The most innovative dessert I ever tasted was cornbread ice cream on crunchy corn at WD-50 in NYC. Strange, and amazing!

  43. Melissa Vasquez says:

    I haven’t really had anything terribly unique, but a vegan pie was definitely different!

  44. Monique Summerfield says:

    the most interesting dessert I’ve made was chocolate covered brown sugar bacon with pecans…the most interesting dessert I’ve had was probably garlic chili ice cream…

  45. Sofia Ledesma says:

    My best friend’s family used to barbecue doughnuts. They sliced them like bagels and toasted them on the grill. There was something interesting about the mingling of meat flavor, mesquite smoke, and honey glaze so I had to try it. It made total sense biting into a doughnut with grill marks.

  46. lauryn says:

    most definitely bacon ice cream!!! it was salty yet sweet- AMAZING!!!!

  47. Tammy Sims says:

    Sweet Potato Bread Pudding with Tabasco ice cream! It was YUMMY!

  48. Elizabeth says:

    Chocolate Ganache “burger” on a Donut “bun” with Passion fruit sorbet “fries”. The burger was garnished with strawberry “tomato”, kiwi “lettuce”, mango “american cheese” and a banana milk shake! It was a treat for the eyes and senses .

  49. Jessie says:

    I just made David Lebovitz’s Fresh Ginger Cake. It was awesome!

  50. Chris Palmer says:

    I’ll bake something, you just watch!

    1. laurasrecipes says:


  51. rebecca putman says:

    the most interesting desert was one that I made =P It was a strawberry and peach cupcake filled with a kiwi curd, then I topped it with a real champagne buttercream frosting…. so yummy! This cook book would be a great idea starter for my family!

  52. arely colin says:

    avocado icecream

  53. Andrea Rediger says:

    My mom made Brandy Alexander Pie for a dinner party. One of the guests joked that he hoped he wasn’t pulled over on the way home because he’d have to tell the police (in a slurred voice), “but, Officer, I only had one piece of pie!”

  54. Candice Ryan says:

    I had an overload of Kiwi so I made Kiwi ice cream. It was definitely interesting, tart and creamy, I don’t think I will ever make that again!

  55. Suzanne Schatzle says:

    Carob coated crickets at a health food store in California would be the strangest for me. It was acrually pretty good too!

  56. Julia says:

    The most interesting dessert I’ve ever tasted was the “choclate egg” at Flagstaff House in Boulder, Colorado. The dessert consisted of a rich, dark chocolate ball, drizzled in sweet chocolate, dusted in cocoa powder, and topped with a layer of real, edible gold!

  57. Anne P says:

    Jalapeno ice cream served at the Tabasco plant store in Avery Island, Louisiana. I can’t say it was my favorite flavor ever, but it was okay.

  58. @BakingInHeelz says:

    I absolutely love sugar cookie dough filled funfetti cupcakes :-) with funfetti cream cheese frosting of course!

  59. Faye Gerry says:

    A hot home made taco chip drizzled with warm honey, sprinkled with sugar with a little dollop of Double Devonshire cream and just a smidgen of fresh blueberry juice with a couple of blueberries on top… Mmmmm, Just enough to hit all the right buttons!!

  60. Larissa Prusak says:

    A chestnut cream made out of boiled peeled chestnuts, rum and powder sugar. Delicious!

  61. Stefani says:

    my most interesting dessert was a tofu cheesecake. was a little skeptical at the thought of tofu in my dessert, but it was so light and delicious!

  62. Karen R says:

    Chocolate cake shot!

  63. Teslaca says:

    I tried matcha ice cream in Japan and loved it although matcha tea isn’t my favorite.

  64. Yuchen says:

    Vanilla ice cream with fudge and chocolate covered potato chips

  65. Mike M says:

    Local ice cream shop had a carmelized bacon & brown sugar whiskey ice cream. That was very tasty.

  66. Layne Dettor says:

    Chocolate infused with curry and lemon.

  67. Tara says:

    Oatmeal Stout ice cream.

  68. Greg says:

    tomato ice cream that I made for a theme ingredient party where all of the dishes had to have tomato in them

  69. Maria says:

    Reeses peanutbutter cupcakes. Need I say more :)

  70. Mandy craft says:

    I grilled pineapple and drizzled maple syrup over it and topped with some smoky bacon pieces. It was heavenily on a hot summer night. My husband thought I was pregnant because it sounded so weird until he tasted it and no not pregnant. :)

  71. Rebecca Medina says:

    Green Tea Ice Cream topped with Wasabi flavored Kit Kat bars from Japan.

  72. Richard says:

    Out or boredom, I once made a batch of Captain Morgan ice cream. It’s safe to say it was a hit. Stay thirsty my friends!

  73. Christie says:

    From the Big Gay Ice Cream truck in NYC; vanilla ice cream cone covered in wasabi pea dust! Good way to wake up your tastebuds!

  74. Jill says:

    I made a Bourbon, Pecan, and Caramel cupcakes for a friend’s birthday once that was great… interesting, a little intense, and lick your fingers good! :)

  75. Claire says:

    I thought green tea jelly was so yummy when I was little :) )

  76. Christopher Sorel says:

    maple bacon scone with sweet bourbon icing

  77. OTA Mom says:

    boozy bourbon bread pudding!

  78. Christine Owens says:

    I love desserts that incorporate bacon in some way…salty and sweet, yum! And can you really go wrong with bacon???

  79. Sharon O says:

    Beer floats with Guiness Beer and Vanilla Ice Cream! Also, I’ve had so many things at the fair for better or worse. I’ve had a BITE of a crispy creme chicken sandwich, and fried twinkies. Oh! and FRIED COCA COLA! It’s some sort of coke flavored batter. I eat healthy and organic so that was really going out on a limb. lol

  80. Joan says:

    Guinness Brownies which are amazing!

  81. Allison C says:

    I guess mine is pretty tame….chocolate covered potato chips and fried candy bars (and twinkies).

  82. Saramiah Shef says:

    Green tea sorbet, which was light and refreshing, but not as adventurous as some of the things other commenters have tried – wow!

  83. chris rocco says:

    the most interesting dessert i’ve ever tasted? chocolate covered ants

  84. Scorpio Woman says:

    The most interesting dessert I made and eaten was a caramel pecan cheesecake. It was so good.

  85. Claire says:

    chocolate covered roasted garlic cloves

  86. Patti B. says:

    I had Shoo-Fly Pie once a long time ago. It was delicious.

  87. kelle thorsen says:

    Chocolate cake with hints of espresso, chile de arbol, cayenne, frosted with salted carmel frosting :)

  88. Irene Ahern Smith says:

    My niece makes a delicious chocolate, carmel, Heath Bar cake. It’s worth consuming the calories of two pieces!

  89. Sharon says:

    My mom used to make a chocolate cake with mayonnaise which would make me gag but a lot of people liked it and I still see recipes for it occassionally today. Ugh!

  90. karen says:

    Weirdest grossest dessert was candied bacon! yuck!

  91. Heather says:

    After reading the above comments, I don’t have anything that interesting to mention. I need to get out more, lol. The dessert I will mention is a beautiful raspberry, almond, amaretto triffle that my mom has made. Delicious.

  92. Monica in Raleigh says:

    I just had Deep fried Kool- aid and deep fried banana split sundae at the nc state fair,They were yummy!

  93. Ashley Adams says:

    Most interesting: last week at Rialto, I was served chocolate cake with caramelized eggplant. Kinda boring, actually.

    Most successful, and definitely a butch dessert, is Chocolate Stout Cake- wowsa!

  94. Lisa Woods says:

    The most interesting dessert I’ve tasted is Thai Lotus Dough! It’s hot sweetened cocount milk w/ these little lotus root flour “dumplings” that are as soft as cherub kisses…

  95. Kate Perkins says:

    Chocolate beer float!

  96. carla m says:

    My boyfriend and I went for a weekend getaway and once we got to out destination we had heard that a little bakery about an hour away had the maple Bacon donuts we had been dieing to try. So instead of a relaxing overnight stay we got up bright and early to find those donuts….it ended up taking an hour and a half but it was worth it. They were delish!

  97. Jessica Vaughan says:

    The most interesting dessert I have ever tasted was a chocolate cake the oozed a warm Carmel and hot fudge center and the frosting was creamy and had crushed pieces of butterscotch on it. It was so yummy makes me want a peice just thinking about it :)

  98. Lorri Marcellus says:

    My most interesting is Bread pudding with rum in it! It is wonderful!

  99. simple simonds says:

    Oatmeal cake – it’s awesome; so moist and just the right sweetness!!

  100. Diane Evans says:

    Best or most interesting? Humm. well what comes to mind is a Warm Toffee Pudding I ate way too much of in Ireland!!! Every time I saw it on the menu, I had to have it…Would love to win this cookbook…Rum cake is one of my favorites.

  101. bobby says:

    entry contest

  102. Maggie Drake says:

    I’m sorry, folks, but my most interesting dessert is Durian Ice Cream, purchased on the train station platform in Hat Yai, Thailand. That scoop sent me on a quest to find some in San Francisco and Northern Ca. The flavor, once a taste for it is acquired, is as addictive as the taste for stinky cheese.

  103. Nancy Ormston says:

    Although not normally thought of as a dessert, a carrot souffle can certainly fill the bill. The best one I ever tasted was of course the first one my hubby and I ate at a B & B in McAlister, OK. It was very delicious. I made one for a church fellowship and some one asked who brought the orange dessert and what was in it. Carrot Souffle is my winner.

  104. Juliet says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had something completely crazy, and the stuff above is pretty cool, but the most interesting thing I’ve made recently is banana-walnut cupcake with coffee icing.

  105. lesley gilfillan says:

    A wedge of brie, more fresh rather than ripe, over which is drizzled a mixture comprising warm honey, chopped pecans and pistachios, cranberries. Totally delicious!!!

  106. Janice says:

    My dessert seems quite tame compared to some of these, but the chocolate chilli icecream I had at the Appleby Manor was an outstanding combination of chilled creamy choc icream with just the right amount of heat from the chillis hitting the back of your throat – incredible.

  107. rita cook says:

    Caramel praline cake

  108. Kristi Cullen says:

    Italian dessert I had last week at a party, Chocolate Salami. Full of nuts!!

  109. Treva says:

    when i was a child my Mom made Cream Puffs they were so good i think it was cause my Mom made them for me when i was little,they don’t seem as good now!

  110. BJ Smith says:

    Apple Empanada

  111. Sabrina Smith says:

    Guava Cheese!
    sabrinasmith05 at gmail dot com

  112. Ruth Loughlin says:

    A Turtle Cheese Cake. New York style cheese cake topped with caramel pecans and then topped with chocolate. Yummy. I want some now…..

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