The Cutest Candy Cupcakes: Perfect for Spring/Easter!


Candy Cupcake

Watch every-one’s eyes light up when you reveal these oh so sweet treats. These adorable cupcakes are decorated for spring and Easter, but you can decorate them for any occasion. Just swap out the topping {skittles make a bright and happy substitution} and add a festive ribbon to coordinate with the occasion.  Feel free to make this as one large cake, it makes a spectacular birthday cake.

A few tips/tricks: We fill the cupcake tins extra high so that you’ll get that nice high top, which means less candy is needed to fill in. You’ll also want to be sure to trim the Kit-Kats so that there is a rim/lip so the candy remains inside of the cupcakes.

Finally, when it’s time to slice, just slice in between the Kit-Kats. You’ll probably want to serve these with forks/spoons and a few extra napkins ; )

Candy Cupcakes
What you’ll need:
{makes 12 large cupcakes}
1 box of cake mix {flavor of your choice, + ingredients necessary to make cupcakes}
1 large container of icing {flavor of your choice}
Kit Kats – cut to fit
2 -12.60 ounce bags of M&M’s

What to do:
1. Bake cupcakes according to package directions.

2. Ice Cupcakes with icing of choice

3. Cut Kit-Kat bars so that they stand slightly higher than the cupcake. Arrange Kit-Kats around the outside of the cupcake. Place M&M’s into the center.

4. Decorate with sheer ribbon if desired.