The First Cookie Contest Entries!


Here’s a quick look at some of our first entries for the cookie contest! Bridget Edwards of Bakeat350 sent these adorable beer and hot dog cookies. They’re great, aren’t they?  Bake Back when I only had 1 kid, I used to frost cookies with that ultra smooth frosting. But then I found myself way too busy most of the time. Making cookies like that is a big process, and I know it was a labor of love to make them, so good work, Bridget!

Cindy Bennett sent us these next ones, which look completely delicious!

Irina Kupenska, who lives in Bulgaria (!) sent over this gorgeous picture (below) of her double chocolate cookies, and I want some of them RIGHT NOW!!

Thank you for your entries so far, ladies! You still have until Sunday night at midnight to enter, so bake your cookies and send us your pictures! Make sure you write the recipe in the comments section on the contest post!

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