The Hefty Slider Bag Pancake Pour


I’ve got 3 types of pancake preferences in my house. My daughter likes them huge, my son wants a million tiny ones, and the hubs wants them somewhere in the middle. Me? I just eat whatever is left over…and cold. I also like to make multi grain pancakes to give my kids a little bit of a health boost, but the chunky batter doesn’t fit through the pancake batter dispenser so I usually end up with a drippy mess all over the kitchen. Not this time, I used a Hefty Slider bag to make perfect pancakes.  Keep reading to see how I did it…

Make your pancake batter in the Hefty Slider bag like this and slide the bag closed. Prepare your griddle for making the cakes. Turn the bag upside down and snip one of the bottom corners off. Pinch with your finger, turn back over and release your fingers so just the right amount of preferred pancake batter hits the griddle. When the griddle is full, flip the bag back over until you are ready to make more pancakes. This is great for making shapes and all kinds of sizes.

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