The I Lost My Engagement Ring Cocktail


Suffice it to say that my engagement ring is right now swimming with the fishes. I was in the ocean holding my wiggling six-year-old son on his boogie board when a rogue wave flipped it right off. Before I could grab it, another huge wave carried it under. When a one-of-a-kind diamond-and-sapphire ring is swept away by the water gods, it’s gone. I was devastated and in shock, but I wanted to model exemplary crisis-management to my kids. I stopped crying. “Maybe we shouldn’t get so attached to stuff,” I said. “Things come and go, but we have each other and that’s what counts,” I said. We ate fried shrimp baskets for dinner. They went to bed, sandy-headed and sated. Then I drank this very large and delicious cocktail, my own version of a “dark and stormy.” If you are having an unlucky day, you ought to make one. Here’s how.

This drink may not change your luck, but it will certainly change your mood. For a little while, at least.

I Lost My Engagement Ring Cocktail

Makes one

1 jigger very good rum, such as Sailor Jerry
1 bottle spicy ginger beer, such as the Goya brand
1 lime, juiced

Pour ingredients over lots of ice. Drink slowly, until you laugh about your ring and your fate. You may need to repeat this process.

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