The Most Annoying Misconceptions About Organics

Have you ever noticed that if you talk about how you don’t eat {insert popular processed food here, e.g. cheese-covered tortillas chips, $2 frozen pizza) the room stills, voices are hushed, and people start to look at you like you obviously are from a different planet or have morphed into a food elitist? Here are a few of my most hated misconceptions about eating well.

1. Caring about where your food comes from makes you an elitist or a food snob. I don’t see how taking care of myself and being concerned about my food and what I’m putting in my body makes me a snob. If a friend offered you a bright green pill and told you to pop it in your mouth for a good time, would you trust that it was okay for you? Choosing not to put things that could potentially harm me into my body should not make me an elitist. Additionally, it doesn’t mean that I never indulge. It just means that I choose not to eat those things or feed them to my children under my own roof.

2. You spend all of your money on food. While I do budget to spend more money on quality meat and dairy, my produce budget is rather average. I shop smart, knowing how to save money on the food I need to feed my family, and the difference between us is that I’m not purchasing ready-made food items and soda by the case. In fact, I probably spend less than the average family to feed my family because cooking from scratch is a pretty frugal activity.

3. All organic food is superfood. False. There are processed and overly processed organics, just like anything else. Still, I focus my attention on purchasing food I believe in that does not contain extras that could be potentially harmful like rGBH in milk or loads of chemical pesticides or even food that has been genetically modified. Practice moderation, choosing to treat yourself occasionally and eating smart the rest of the time.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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