The Presidential Cookie Bake-Off Part I: Testing Recipes


Presidential Cookies via Babble

I am not going to get into politics here; I am sticking strictly to the topic of cookies. I am not sure if you read it, but recently there was a cookie bake-off between Michelle Obama and Ann Romney. This is not the first time candidates wives have faced off in the name of sweets: in 1992 Hilary Clinton and Barbara Bush also put their recipes to the test. This weekend my daughter and I decided to give Michelle and Ann’s recipes a try.

We love Michelle’s take on the classic chocolate chip cookie. The dark chocolate chips added a wonderful deep cocoa flavor, while the white chocolate chips balanced out the sweetness. Ann’s M&M cookies were amazingly moist and flavorful. We are always a sucker for oatmeal cookies so these truly hit the spot in the texture and sweetness category. Who did we end up voting for? I am going to wait to tell you. Both recipes are worth a try. I urge you to give them both a shot and place your vote!


You can find the recipes for both cookies on Family Circle Magazine’s website.

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