The Prettiest Crudite Ever



When it comes to summer entertaining there are all kinds of things I like to bring to parties. Last summer my mother made this gorgeous crudite and I couldn’t help but replicate it this summer. It was just so pretty! It is very simple really, a purple cauliflower (yes, it is naturally that way), in the center of asparagus, green beans and carrots. Simple and delicious. Alongside I usually serve some kind of homemade dip or dressing. The vegetables are so fresh you want to add to their flavor, not overwhelm them. To make your prettiest crudite:

1. Select a striking colored vegetable to place in the center of your plate.

2. Select equally as interesting color and textured vegetables and situate them facing out of the center like sun rays. Try to arrange them in a pattern of possible.

3. Serve the dipping sauce on the side of the platter instead of in the center.

4. Be sure to blanch all vegetables before serving them if necessary.

5. Happy summer entertaining!