The Secret to Flavorful Rice: Chicken Stock


White RiceWhen I was at my friend Caroline’s house the other week for dinner she served riced alongside her roast chicken. At first I wondered why she chose to serve bland rice alongside the chicken, until I took a taste. It was delicious. The seemingly basic white rice had a salty herb flavor that complimented the meal perfectly. I asked for her secret and was shocked at the answer. Chicken stock! She cooks her rice in chicken stock instead of water and it absorbs all of the good chickeny-flavor. Here are a few more ways you can use chicken stock to flavor up your everyday meals:

Method: Replace water with chicken or vegetable stock!

– Rice and Cous-Cous: Substitute stock for water when cooking either of these grains and get ready for delicious results!

– Lentils: Cooking lentils in chicken or vegetable stock brings added flavor whatever soup you are making.

Roast Chicken: This sounds redundant, but add some chicken stock to the pan the next time you roast a chicken. Baste the chicken with the juices and be prepared for a far more flavorful chicken.

How do you use chicken stock to flavor your meals?

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