The Secret to Simple S'mores: Hefty Slider Bags


Let’s be honest. The ultimate summertime treat is a pain in the marshmallow to make. By the time you gather a group around a roaring campfire, pass out marshmallows, graham crackers, and little squares of chocolate,  half of the marshmallows have landed in the dirt, graham crackers crushed, chocolate smeared on hands and faces and pants. Thank goodness it was just those horrid sweats that didn’t fit the kid anyway.

To keep your S’more making supremely simple, easy, and fun as can be, try preportioning all of your s’mores neccessities into Hefty Slider Bags. With an area for labeling, easy slide tops, and the durability you’d expect from Hefty, you can turn campfire drab into campfire fab with these simple bags!

To make, simple fill a quart-sized Hefty Slider Bag (the storage type, not freezer bags) with 2-4 graham crackers, 2-4 marshmallows (or the gigantically huge ones like I did), and a bar of chocolate. Write each campers name on the outside of the bag, and you’ll never again wonder who stole all the chocolate. Or if old Bruno there is really telling the truth when he says he didn’t get a single marshmallow (hey, kid. Wipe that sticky white stuff off the corners of your face.)

Yay you! Summer is a snap with Hefty!

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