Three Kings Day: How to Celebrate Tonight's Epiphany Feast


People and cultures all over the world are celebrating today.  With this day being the official Three Kings Day, Day of Epiphany, or Little Christmas, families and friends from India to Mexico, the United States to Germany will gather and take part in traditional rituals, acts of thanksgiving, and feasting.  No one culture celebrates Three Kings Day in the same way, which means there are a multitude of traditions to choose from when planning your Ephiphany celebration.  Here are a few of our best recipes, ideas, and traditional eats guaranteed to make tonight’s celebration a true delight.

These LAST MINUTE IDEAS FOR TONIGHT’S EPIPHANY FEAST feature quick takes on Three Kings day traditions from around the world.  Whether you’re whipping up a cup of Quick English Wassail, or firing up the oven for a 20-minute German Kings Cake, you’re sure to find every recipe you could ever hope for here.

Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish served on Three Kings day.  Check out these THREE KINGS DAY TRADITIONS WITH ROSCA DE REYES AND TAMALES.

Looking for quick party ideas?  Head on over and check out THREE KINGS DAY DIA DE LOS REYES HOW TO CELEBRATE by Babble Family Style writer, Jaime Momrrison Curtis.