Toast 2013 with a Purple Grape Fizz!

purple grape fizz
purple grape fizz

Give your New Year’s Eve a fizzy purple spark with this refreshing, easy beverage. Filled with sweet tart grape flavor, this “Purple Grape Fizz” sip can be made using champagne, sparkling wine or even clear soda for a virgin version. Get the recipe..

Spruce up your fizzy beverage with healthy purple grape juice…

tip! Choose all natural grape juice with 100% juice – no sugar or artificial anything added.

Purple Grape Fizz
makes one glass

8 oz. champagne (or similar as a substitute)
2 ounces purple concord grape juice
pinch of orange citrus zest
1-2 sliced black or purple grapes
optional: dash of cayenne

To make: add grapes and zest to glass. Pour fizzy beverage, top off with juice. Adding slowly so it does not fizz over. Add optional cayenne over top.

Virgin version: substitute the champagne with 6 oz. lemon-lime soda + 2 oz. sparkling water

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