Top 100 Mom Food Blogs of 2013

Dinner wouldn’t be nearly as fun without these culinary pioneers to blaze the trail. This year’s list of food blogging mamas, curated with the help of our esteemed panel, includes both internet superstars and virtual unknowns, amateurs and James Beard Award-winning chefs. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, but all will make you hungry for more innovative meal ideas. You’ll find no shortage of healthy recipes, genius cooking shortcuts, or quick dinners for those nights when you’re just too tired to spend hours in the kitchen. Our hats are off to these top chefs who work hard to make mealtime memorable — and easy — for busy parents everywhere.— Chris Couch

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7. Snippets of Thyme

Top 100 Mom Food Blogs of 2013

Who: Sarah Kenney, a mother of one son and one daughter in Houston, Texas

Why we love this blog: The only thing better than Kenney’s recipes are the photos that go with them. Head on over to her photo portfolio to see what we mean. This blog is part recipe collection, part travel dispatch, following Kenney on her tasty treks throughout England, France, Ireland, the US and her upcoming trip to Turkey. Unsurprisingly, many of Kenney’s recipes are influenced by her travels, so expect to find dishes ranging from classic French coq au vin to barbecue steak tacos straight from Texas, in addition to recipes from India, South America, Asia and everywhere in between.

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  2. David Jones says:

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    Awesome. That’s looking marvellous :)

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  14. Katie Bamber says:

    I love my mom’s blog!

  15. Mike says:

    Shocked to see that “The Hungry Housewife ” didn’t make the list.

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    One of the best blogs!

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