Top o' The Mornin' Shamrock Pancake Bites


shamrock pancakes

I couldn’t help myself this morning, I had to make these cute pancakes. It was really quite easy to do, I just used my shamrock cookie cutter. You could also do it using heart shaped cookie cutters as well. My daughter was delighted with these good luck pancakes. She is just learning about St. Patrick’s Day at school is totally intrigued with the fairytale aspect of it. This week we’ve been enjoying all sorts of shamrock foods, including shamrock shakes, and having a blast. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Top’ the Morning Shamrock Pancakes

1 batch homemade pancakes

Shamrock or Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters

Shamrock sprinkles!

1. Mix the pancake batter according to directions. Add green gel paste to the pancake batter and stir well. Make the pancakes according to directions and use the cookie cutter to make the shamrock shapes!